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Crafts can keep your child busy with creative works for hours. Making crafts and playing with those are good for the normal growth of the children. This enhance their creativity and ensure normal mental growth. Children can make different crafts on different ocassions and on different seasons. The materials used for making kids crafts are normally not expensive, for example, tissue box, packaging cartoons, sticks, slime, cardboards, glue, nails etc may be used.
Easy Craft Ideas For Kids:
  1. Making rainbow with papers
  2. Making house with cardboards
  3. Making different shapes with papers
  4. Making kites
  5. Making flowers
  6. Making Princess Wands
  7. Making rockets
  8. Making flower vase
  9. Making shapes with slime
  10. Making birds
  11. Making Paper Bead Necklaces
  12. Making bracelet and ornaments
  13. Making Bookmarks
  14. Making Greeting cards
  15. Making photo frames
Children can make crafts using basic ingredients. Some ingredients are available as by-product of househlod activities. Some ingredients may need to be purchased. Some crafts are also available readymade for purchase. But making crafts by the children themselves is always preferable.
You should always encourage and guide your child for making DIY crafts during their leisure time. This will aslo help to avoid the risk of digital media addiction.
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